10 Unspoken Rules by San Diego Local Natalie Kimball

10 Unspoken Rules by San Diego Local Natalie Kimball

Natalie Kimball

Born in Northern California, Natalie has made San Diego home for almost 10 years. Addicted to pedicures and taking endless pictures for Instagram of her hometown, she is proud to be California born and raised.

10 Unspoken Rules:

Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page from the get-go. While San Diego is in Southern California, we are NOT LA and we are NOT Orange County. San Diego has a vibe all it’s own. We are super chill, love the beach and we welcome you to our perfect temps.

1. If staying downtown, steer clear of renting a car. You can get around using Lyft/Uber or the trolley. Parking is expensive and spots difficult to find.

2. Opting to rent a car? Bring quarters for meters and keep both eyes on the road. We drive fast. We honk and do not, I repeat do NOT stay in the left lane.

3. Lingo is key and yes, we do refer to every freeway as “The”. Take the 163 to the 805 North and merge onto the 5. You get the idea.

4. Three very important locations; OB, MB and PB. For beach goers, these are the only things that will matter. OB – Ocean Beach is home to the most relaxed group in SD. Note, you are not smelling a skunk in the air, that’s the naturally grown grass in OB. Head south to Sunset Cliffs for a killer view. MB – Mission Beach is great for kids with Belmont Park. PB – Pacific Beach you’ll find tone, tanned young men and endless basic bitches. PB is where I call home.

San Diego Pacific Beach

Watch the sunset from Cyrstal Pier in Pacific Beach and don’t forget to clap when the sun goes down

5. We call ourselves San Diego Sissies. We have a very tiny range of optimal weather. If it goes above 75 or below 60, you’ll hear about it. We love to talk about the weather when it is outside that range. (Insert eye roll for anyone who lives in cold weather).

6. Make sure to fit in “No worries” and “It’s all good” prior to leaving SD. It’s standard lingo.

7. Flip flops are considered mandatory footwear.

8. Go on a scavenger hunt to find your favorite fish taco. From World Famous to The Brigantine (if you’re local it’s just The Brig) and many in between, go find your fav and go back daily.

Fish Tacos - San Diego

The famous fish taco holds a special place in all our So Cal hearts – image courtesy of localemagazine.com

9. San Diego is considered one of the best craft brew towns. Jump on the wagon and start tasting!

10. Sunset. Take it in. Cheers to another beautiful day and yes, people do clap as the sun goes down into the Pacific. And watch out for the allusive Green Flash.

11. BONUS: Natalie’s Favorite Hotels in San Diego

Fifteen Beacon

Luxurious Craftsman style resort including pool, spa and golf. Overlooks the world-renowned Torrey Pines Golf Course.

The Lodge at Torrey Pines

The Colonnade Hotel Back Bay

Authentic antique furniture and priceless art works. Rooftop pool and hot tub.

Westgate Hotel

Ames Boston Hotel

AMAZING location, ocean front in Pacific Beach! Great sun deck for lounging and taking in ocean views.

Tower23 Hotel

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Written by Natalie Kimball

I was destined to be in the travel industry when in the 5th grade I failed a paper on planning a trip to Vegas because I had myself switching hotels every night so that I could experience different pools. After helping grow the merchant hotels for Travelscape/Expedia for the West Coast, I had the pleasure of working for Evans Hotels in San Diego and my appreciation for hospitality continued to grow. Stayful brings together my passion for a low cost distribution channel for hotels and introducing travelers to independent hotels. Go Raiders!

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