5 Travel Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Vacation

5 Travel Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Vacation

Looking for a hands free way to get travel inspiration? One that you can do while  you commute to work, while you finish that spreadsheet for your boss, or while you pick up your kids from swim practice? Look no further. We’ve rounded up the top travel podcasts to inspire your next trip. Listen to ’em today and start plotting your next excuse to get OOTO. No pinning/’gramming/hashtagging required.

#5. Zero to Travel


Ever dream about getting paid to travel? Us too. Jason interviews the people who made that dream a reality, and gives you tips on how to do it. Just don’t forget about us when you are famous, ok?

#4. Tourcaster









Tourcaster is the audio version of your favorite Lonely Planet guidebook. Pick the city you are interested in visiting and listen to the best tips on attractions to visit, key historical periods, and important phrases to learn before you go.

#3. Travel in 10 


Who said trip planning had to be time consuming? Travelin10 is short enough to squeeze into your midday coffee break and features the best restaurants and destinations to experience from around the globe.

#2. The Travelers


More introspective than informative, The Travelers discusses how the act of traveling positively impacts the way you see the world. Fire it up on your way to Yoga class and consider it your moment of zen.

#1. Conde Nast Traveler “Travelogue”


One of our most tried and true travel resources does it again, but this time in podcast form. The team at Conde Nast Traveler gives you an insider look at how they travel, sharing where they have been and what they’ve recently discovered. Let’s just say your bucket list is going to get a lottttt longer once you add this into your rotation.

Bonus Pick: Our favorite once we arrive at our final destination? Detour. More audio walking tour than podcast, Detour takes you on a personal walkabout through unique cities. You’ll be a local in no time.

Did we miss one of your favorite travel podcasts? Share your favorite with us on Twitter  or in the comments for a chance to win $25 in travel credits!

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Written by Penny Q. Lane

Penny is a travel specialist for Stayful.com. She loves collecting antique luggage, and then proceeding to drag her collection around the world on her frequent travels. “Boutique hotels have been something of a hidden gem for some time. It is so refreshing that travelers now have a clear avenue to satiate their growing appetite for a unique hotel experience.”


  1. Amanda S.

    You missed The Budget Minded Traveler and Extra Pack of Peanuts, my new favorite travel podcast! I also occasionally listen to Travel with Rick Steves, and I subscribe to tons of Disney podcasts, which do count as travel shows!

  2. Drew

    Great list! I personally enjoy listening to many of those, some of which inspired me to start my own podcast a few months ago. On my podcast, I interview inspiring and successful entrepreneurs that have created location-independent businesses that allow them to travel while earning an income. Check it out and let me know what you think: http://www.TheTravelpreneurClub.com :)

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