9 Unspoken Rules by Chicago Local & Stayful Customer Rita Winiecki

9 Unspoken Rules by Chicago Local & Stayful Customer Rita Winiecki

Riata Winiecki

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Rita now resides within the city limits and is having the time of her life. Like the Dirty Dancing song but with a lot less choreographed dances and feathered hair. Her hobbies include searching for the best mac and cheese in Chicago, shopping at local boutiques and thrift stores, and quoting Arrested Development like it’s her job.

9 Unspoken Rules:

Our first rule is: Don’t let your tourist show. Just kidding! We’re so happy to have you and your money in our lovely city!
But if you don’t want to be caught gawking at the Sears Tower** like a tourist and want to blend in in the City of Broad (but sexy) Shoulders, we have some tips to help you on your quest to be the savviest traveler in the city.

1. Visit different neighborhoods! From Pilsen to Logan Square and everywhere in between, each neighborhood offers something different in regards to food, nightlife and shopping. Don’t just explore the Loop, River North, and the Magnificent Mile; there’s so much more to Chicago!

2. On a related note, don’t limit your shopping to The Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave.) This is where our broad shoulders come in handy because pedestrians must bulldoze their way through the crowds into their favorite stores. For a more authentic Chicago experience, visit the boutiques in the various neighborhoods. There are plenty of talented small business owners in Chicago so you won’t have to worry about buying the same necklace as half of your friends.

3. You must order the Chicago Mix at Garrett’s Popcorn Shops. Does the mix of cheddar and caramel popcorn disgust you? Too bad! You HAVE to order it. Your taste buds will dance for joy and cherubs will descend from the sky as you munch on this Chicago tradition. We will convert you into a die-hard fan of the sweet and savory popcorn mix.

4. Don’t put ketchup on your hot dog. We will mercilessly make fun of you. Blend in like a local and order the Chicago-style hot dog everywhere you go. Loaded with sport peppers, relish, onions and more you’ll find that you don’t even miss ketchup.

Supadawg Chicago

Superdawg was the overwhelming winner of Esquire’s Eat Like a Man search for America’s favorite hot dog – image courtesy of Yahoo! Travel

5. You must order a “superdawg” not a “hot dog” when you visit Superdawg for a delicious Chicago-style dog. No, really. They will tell you that they don’t have hot dogs and you will walk away sad and dejected because you weren’t able to eat a Chicago-style hot dog…erm, superdawg.

6. If you decide to visit The Wiener Circle for your Chicago-style hot dog, then DEFINITELY do NOT order a chocolate shake. It’s a classic trick they try to play on out-of-towners. Hint: It’s not a milkshake.

7. **It’s not the Willis Tower; it’s the Sears Tower. We are very bitter about the name change. So in true stubborn Chicago fashion, we simply don’t acknowledge the new name.

Sears Tower Chicago

Willis Tower and the Skydeck are a Chicago MUST – where else can you see the entire city and the lake?

8. Whenever you are on an escalator or a moving sidewalk make sure to stand on the right and walk on the left. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a group; you line up behind each other and awkwardly try and talk over each other’s shoulders. Because if you create a clump on the escalator or moving sidewalk someone (probably with broad shoulders) will come barrelling through, yelling “STAND RIGHT, MOVE LEFT.” Yes, people will scream that. So move.

9. There’s no such thing as a Cubs and White Sox fan. Cubs are northsiders; White Sox fans are southsiders. Anyone who is a “Chicago fan” is too embarrassed to admit that they’re a Cubs fan.

10. BONUS: Rita’s Favorite Hotels in Chicago

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dana hotel and spa


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Written by Rita Winiecki

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