It Is Easy to Be Green with 5 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Stayful

It Is Easy to Be Green with 5 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Stayful

The Hotel Industry impresses us every day with their commitment to caring for our world and their commitment to spoiling our guests. We’ve seen hotels with energy efficient lighting, local organic menus, electric transportation vehicles and of course, recycling bins in room. As a guest, you can do your part, too. Here are a few eco-friendly travel tips to get you started!


1. Do reuse sheets & towels

Let the hotel know that you would like to reuse your sheets and towels. Some hotels ask you to put a card on the bed or hang up your towels as a sign that you are happy to reuse them. Just make sure you inform them in one way or another what you want.


2. Don’t pay $5 for bottled water

Every year, people consume 200 billion bottles of water! With only 12% being recycled, that leaves 176 billion plastic bottles that get dumped! Bring a reusable travel bottle like vapur and save your money as well as the environment!


3. Do eat, drink and buy locally

Part of the fun of traveling is getting to know the local cuisine and culture, so why would you want to visit the same old chains? Seek out restaurants serving locally-sourced ingredients. It’s a triple win: You support a local business, you reduce the pollution that’s produced by importing goods and you get to try the tastiest, freshest foods your destination has to offer.


4. Don’t leave the lights on

Remember what your Mom always says: “When you leave the room, turn the lights and the TV off.” Another great health tip: When you come back to your room, consider opening the windows for some fresh air, instead of cranking up the A/C.


5. Do email the bill

When it’s time to check out, do ask the hotel to email the bill instead of printing it out.

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Written by Penny Q. Lane

Penny is a travel specialist for She loves collecting antique luggage, and then proceeding to drag her collection around the world on her frequent travels. “Boutique hotels have been something of a hidden gem for some time. It is so refreshing that travelers now have a clear avenue to satiate their growing appetite for a unique hotel experience.”

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