From our Founder: Why We Love Boutique Hotels

From our Founder: Why We Love Boutique Hotels

Did you know that only 35% of the hotels in the US are Boutique Hotels? As true small, local businesses, they represent each city’s unique culture of hospitality.

While there are many wonderful online travel companies, we have a different approach. Our mission is simple:

We help travelers find and stay at independently-owned boutique hotels. We believe these hotels help create the most memorable travel experiences, because they are run by local small business owners who are typically part of families who have lived in their towns for generations. These locals often know more than anyone about the culture, customs and “off the beaten path” features of their hometowns.

Because independent hotels are small businesses, they lack the resources of their much larger competitors and can be hard to find. We created Stayful to help connect travelers like you with these unique hotels.

We sincerely believe that by making these connections, we’ll make a positive difference in the world, while enriching lives through travel.

Stay traveling,
Founder & CEO

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Written by Cheryl Rosner

Hotels and technology have always interested me the most. I've been fortunate to work with incredible people at, ticketsnow, expedia and now We love solving problems, working with each other, helping more people travel and helping people find and discover special hotels. Through travel we explore, learn, connect and thrive. With gratitude we hope to share in your travels.

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