Stay Rejuvenated at dana hotel and spa

I am an island of serenity just as I am an authentic boutique hotel amidst a whirlwind of art galleries, renowned restaurants, some of the most glamorous shopping along the Magnificent Mile, and a vibrant nightlife.

A deep sense of calm will settle about your person as you step through my doors. Like nowhere else, nature and modern luxuries are in tandem here. The wood accents attribute a sense of warmth while the shimmering tiles are reminiscent of a cool stream trickling over polished stones. My staff’s ease at welcoming you as a member of our family is not commonly seen. Their engaging service comes effortlessly, which is as it should be in a luxurious urban retreat.

As a master of rejuvenation, my spa and Zen-like atmosphere will instill peace within your mind and body. My teachings encourage you to embrace your individuality. Just be without being, do without doing. Let me care for you. Let me show you how rewarding being at one with yourself is.

I invite you to Chicago, and I invite you to stay with me. Stay rejuvenated at dana hotel and spa.


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Written by Penny Q. Lane

Penny is a travel specialist for She loves collecting antique luggage, and then proceeding to drag her collection around the world on her frequent travels. “Boutique hotels have been something of a hidden gem for some time. It is so refreshing that travelers now have a clear avenue to satiate their growing appetite for a unique hotel experience.”

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