The #1 Secret Chain Hotels Don’t Want You to Know

If we could yell one thing from the rooftops here at Stayful it would be this: BOUTIQUE HOTELS ARE NOT MORE EXPENSIVE THAN CHAIN HOTELS! While we are definitely biased, the data doesn’t lie: independent and boutique hotels are 12% less expensive on average than their chain counterparts. Since the population of people who like digging through data to figure this out is approximately 3, we made you a pretty infographic to prove it.

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Stayful’s Guide to Saving $$$ on Your Next Trip

Boutique hotels are 12% cheaper on average than chain hotels

Data Sources: Trivago 2016, pWc 2016 Infographic: Edgar Chaparro (


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Written by Kerstin Whitmer

I've always loved to travel and experience new places. So after starting my career in traditional advertising back home, it was only natural to leave my native Germany and work abroad for a while. A while has turned into 7 years and I'm not done exploring yet!

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