The Stayful Manifesto
  • February 14, 2013
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The Stayful Manifesto

The Stayful Manifesto

We are a band of friends who share passion and purpose. That passion is for travel. Our purpose is to make it easier and better for everyone else to enjoy it as much as we do.

We believe great travel experiences have the power to enrich our lives and make the world better. Travel expands our horizons and connects us with others. It brings us home and takes us to new places and cultures. Travel stories ignite our imagination and touch our spirit, as we share them at dinner tables, across cubicle walls, in random bar conversations or even in airplanes as we fly to our next great adventure.

As we cross geographical, political and cultural boundaries, we expand our knowledge of the world and become more aware of other perspectives. As we share our stories and experiences with others, we build bonds of recognition of our common humanity.

Stayful is committed to bringing more great travel experiences to more people. And while there are many wonderful online travel companies, we believe we can do this differently. Our mission is simple:

Create great travel experiences by helping travelers find and stay at independent, boutique hotels. We believe independently owned boutique hotels represent the best way to experience a new city, culture or country, because they are owned and operated by local small business owners who often know more than anyone about the culture, customs and “off the beaten path” experiences within their hometowns.

These locals are typically part of families who have lived in their towns for generations. But because they are small businesses, they can be hard to find, as they lack the marketing and technology resources of their much larger competitors. That’s why we created

Make travel more affordable so that more people can travel more often. We will do this by helping boutique hotels sell rooms that would likely go unsold. Often boutique hotels have rooms available they would be willing to book at a lower rate for the right customer… passionate travelers seeking a local, boutique experience. is designed to help you discover these special properties and, through a unique bidding system, get a rate that can be much lower than published prices.

Support the independent, boutique hotel industry and the great people who work in it. If we can make it easier for more travelers to discover and stay at independent, boutique hotels, it becomes easier for these unique small businesses to thrive, thus creating more jobs and supporting their local communities.

If you are a passionate and curious traveler like us, or if you work at an independent, boutique hotel, we hope you’ll join us at Stayful.

As supporters of small business and as a small business ourselves, we promise we are working every day to make the best online travel experience possible for our community.

We sincerely believe that by making it easier for travelers to have great experiences and for local hoteliers to serve more travelers, together we’ll make a positive difference in the world, while enriching our lives.

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Written by Cheryl Rosner

Hotels and technology have always interested me the most. I've been fortunate to work with incredible people at, ticketsnow, expedia and now We love solving problems, working with each other, helping more people travel and helping people find and discover special hotels. Through travel we explore, learn, connect and thrive. With gratitude we hope to share in your travels.

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