I want to get away with the girls to celebrate… #WomensEqualityDay

I want to get away with the girls to celebrate… #WomensEqualityDay

What’s up? While we think this should be everyday, today the 19th amendment was ratified into law and women were granted the right to vote. What a great reason to celebrate and show appreciation for all the women that came before us.

Here are 3 great ways to support women:

1. Be a mentor! Wow what a great idea… We all want one but how to find one? Start by being one!
2.  Support women-owned businesses by spending at them. The Cromwell is a fab Boutique Hotel in Las Vegas. Here are the women behind it. 
3. Make time to be with your girlfriends. Life gets busy. Take time to notice when a friend needs our help or when we need theirs. #Getupandgo

Looking for boutique hotels that are run by women?

Check out the Cromwell in Las Vegas, the Crescent Beverly Hills in LA or the Mystic Hotel in San Francisco


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Written by Penny Q. Lane

Penny is a travel specialist for Stayful.com. She loves collecting antique luggage, and then proceeding to drag her collection around the world on her frequent travels. “Boutique hotels have been something of a hidden gem for some time. It is so refreshing that travelers now have a clear avenue to satiate their growing appetite for a unique hotel experience.”

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